Blake Pohlman | Marketing Consultant and Project Manager at BPMC

“My first year at DHI Telecom, as Marketing Manager, I reported directly to Heath. This was one of the most enlightening, and meaningful time periods in my working life. Heath's balance of mentoring, coupled with his ability to let me operate autonomously where I was passionate and skilled resulted in the best work I have ever done. Our results as a small team were remarkable. Heath has an enthusiasm and energy that not only drew me to DHI, but also inspired me every day. Skill-wise, Heath has a powerful memory for names, roles, contracts, rates etc. His ability to write (proposals, marketing materials, copy) is masterful.

Lawrence Marotta | Director at American Forces Network Retired

“Heath possesses an exceptional vitality, inquisitiveness and passion for whatever he does. He was an extremely valuable asset to our organization and we miss him even to this day. Now, more than ever, no business is mature and none can rest on its laurels. We are all reinventing our companies, our businesses and ourselves and Heath is all about that. It's no longer what you know but what you can discover and Heath sees no walls. I'd take him back on my team in a New York minute.”

Corey Slutsky | Founder/Owner of Voices Only A Cappella

“Working with Heath for 2+ was more than a pleasure. He has an amazing work ethic, and does whatever it takes to accomplish his tasks at the highest level and at the quickest pace possible. He is unselfish and is always willing to help others. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for Heath's tutelage, mentoring, assistance and friendship. Heath would be a great addition to any company.”

David Pokorny | Senior Director of Marketing at FOX Sports Midwest

"In 2005 Heath and I collaborated on an effort which won multiple awards and recognitions including an Emmy and a Beacon award. I was working with AFN for the first time. I was fortunate to have Heath as my contact. We needed Heath's enthusiasm and passion for the project and his care and personal commitment to its success. We got all of that and more. I continue to stay in touch with Heath and appreciate the business connection."

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